Why invest in The New Capital ?

6 July, 2022  |  
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Why invest in The New capital?

The New Administrative Capital is one of the important strategic projects due to the state's

tendency to establish a new capital for Egypt and transfer all governments, ministries and educational facilities to it.

The new capital is a good opportunity for investment, whether commercial or administrative,

as it has become a magnet for investors and businessmen because of its advantages

and its services and various entertainment facilities such as malls, shopping centers, amusement parks, gardens, and others.

The new administrative capital is built on an area of ​​170,000 acres,

in addition to the presence of a private transportation network in the new administrative capital, which facilitates access to anywhere.

The administrative capital has been divided into several neighborhoods, including the diplomatic district, the government district,

in addition to the Downtown area, which considers the destination for investors.

If you are looking for the best real estate investment in the administrative capital, you will find many individual commercial, administrative and medical projects with various advantages.


Down Town New Capital Map

Downtown new capital map

Advantages of investing in the new administrative capital:

  • The location of the new administrative capital between Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna roads
  • Its proximity to various areas such as Beit Al Watan, Fifth Settlement, New Narges, Fifth Settlement and Madinaty, in addition to Badr City and El Shorouk City.
  • The new administrative capital monorail, which facilitates movement from downtown and Nasr City to the Fifth Settlement and the new administrative capital
  • The administrative capital is only 60 km from Ain Sokhna.
  • Al-Massa Hotel to receive various visitors and tourists from many countries
  • A conference and exhibition center, in addition to the Green River project, which is 35 km long
  • It is planned to build an airport within the new administrative capital
  • It has the largest central park in the world "Capital Park".
  • Many artificial lakes, parks and entertainment venues, in addition to the New Administrative Capital Tower
  • It will include approximately 18 ministerial buildings, the presidential residence and parliamentary buildings
  • It has art and science museums.
  • It has the City of Culture and Science, which will include a theater and an opera
  • One of the most important landmarks of the new capital is the Green River, which extends for 35 kilometers, which means that it is considered
  • the entire length of the New Administrative Capital, and with this large area it was equipped to be called the New Nile in Cairo, and this Green River will be considered the largest green axis in the whole world and will be A link to the capital and all neighborhoods in the city.

The new administrative capital will also be linked to all cities and governorates of Egypt, through the high-speed electric train, and there is also a monorail route, which will be a means of transportation within the capital and Greater Cairo.

The area of ​​the street is 130 square meters, which leads to the absence of traffic jams.

In addition, about 3,500 employees of the Ministry of Finance will be transferred to the new administrative capital after receiving their units in the government district.

The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs plans to move 40 percent of its public office employees to the new administrative capital.

As the administrative capital includes all the financial, administrative and commercial centers that serve the city, as well as its good architectural design that separates the residential and industrial areas so that its residents enjoy calm and comfort.


As an investor, you should know the best projects in the new administrative capital:

The Rock Administrative Capital:

The Rock Mall is the first building in the Administrative Capital that is easy to sell, operate and rent.

It is the first project to operate under a mandatory tripartite lease,

And the first project with two penalty clauses, the company has contracted with 25 brands,

To ensure the work of the commercial units, as well as contracting with major companies to operate the administrative units immediately,

Thus, you will get the largest return on investment up to 20% of the value of the total unit.

The Rook New Capital project is designed to be an investment destination for large and small investors.

ذا روك العاصمة الادارية

Gemini Tower, the administrative capital:

A global Tower in The New Administrative Capital of Egypt

The building that has won the trust of international brands

Two projects in one place with the best design

(commercial - administrative - medical)

In addition to :

Co-working spaces delivered (fully finished with furniture)

The project achieves the largest investment return and mandatory rent for 9 years.

with an annual increase of 10% and a rental return of the same unit price.


Mazaya Real Estate Company has also taken care that the services and advantages occupy a large proportion of the total area of ​​the project, in addition to establishing the project in the most vital areas in front of the tourist towers on the central axis

For more information about the administrative capital projects, call 15041

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