التغطية الصحفية لإنطلاق الإنشاءات
20 September, 2022
Press coverage of the construction launch
Part of the press coverage of the launch of construction in Mazaya Real Estate Development projects   The Rook New…
التغطية الصحفية لمزايا للتطوير العقاري
20 September, 2022
Press coverage for Mazaya Real Estate Development
Part of the press coverage of Mazaya Real Estate Development For the company's investment aspirations within one year
20 September, 2022
Mazaya Honoring Day
Mazaya Honoring Day Part of the honoring ceremony for Mazaya Company for all departments at The Westin Cairo Golf Resort…
18 October, 2021
The Rook launch event
  Mazaya Real Estate Development Company launches its latest projects in The New Administrative CapitalThe new…
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